Civil Poodle

Civil Poodle produces original electronic tracks + mixes a wide variety of genres including jungle, drum and bass, deep house, EDM, dubstep, hip hop, ambient, dub and reggae. Civil is currently based out of DC.

Civil Poodle’s music production and mixing is a natural extension of his work in free improvisation. The driving principle behind Civil Poodle’s music is to strive for beauty in rhythmic music by exploring combinations of disparate sounds to create fresh and unique tracks.

Civil hails from Iowa City where he grew up listening to the sweet sounds of heavy metal and classic rock on the FM radio. He has dabbled with various instruments and musical styles starting with classical violin, piano, and later played jazz guitar and trombone. In his third musical stage he went on to fully immerse himself in free improvisation and sound painting on the clarinet, guitar, and keyboard. His klezmer clarinet and composition lessons with Robert Paredes were influential in shaping his musical interests to embrace free music and improvisation.